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4" Plus XL/1X Adjustable Resistance Band

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We highly recommend you check out our Sizing Guide before purchasing to ensure you get the size you need and prevent future return/exchange!

Product Details

Our Plus XL/1X Adjustable Resistance Band was designed for any and every body that has never been able to find a resistance band they can comfortably use without compromising their stability and mobility. Tired of settling for what's available rather than what actually fits? Tired of knock knees? You should be. Using a band that’s too small for you can be dangerous. If you have tried regular standard sized resistance bands and they dug so deep into your thighs you thought they'd burst or bleed, this is the band for you.  

  • Width/Height: 4"
  • Tension Level: Light/Medium
  • Rubber Grip at Inner Band: You betcha (see below)
  • Need sizing help? Checkout our Sizing Guide

*Not sold? Take a moment to check out a Testimonial from someone that's tried it 


Our premium quality, resistance bands are thicc and durable yet soft. All of our bands adjust up to 5" allowing you the functionality and movement you would ordinarily need 2-3 different bands to accomplish. Why buy 2 or 3 when you can just buy 1?

Tired of looking silly at the gym pulling your band up your legs like a pair of pants? Or maybe you struggle with lower back issues or limited range of motion, and bending over to pull a band up your legs simply isn't easy, or even possible. We've got you taken care of. Our bands open fully, extending from end to end, so you can wrap the band around your legs while standing or sitting and fasten without compromising your footing or stability. 

Our bands come with two rows of soft, malleable, rubber grip to prevent rolling or sliding. Unlike some of our competitors, using cheap plastic trims to make adjustment possible, our band is adjustable by way of a solid steel d-ring that will never bend, crack, or break under pressure. We use military grade, industrial strength velcro guaranteeing that no matter what length you adjust your band to, that band isn't going anywhere. 


Band: Cotton/Poly/Rubber **Latex Free**

D-Ring: 100% Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

Take a look at our FAQs Page to learn more


100% Biodegradable


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